Charminly : Perfect Holiday

When the air of the city is oppressed, with those stressful work rhythms, the frenzy of busy times, the crowd everywhere, the countryside is always an excellent response. Just a walk through the fields, a dish made with love with flavored foods, a glass of wine, the green landscape and perfectly ordered, the noise (which is not there), to come back to believe that the world is not Is nothing wrong.

Italy offers a huge amount of totally immersed in nature where it is possible to regenerate the best to resume everyday life with a new sprint. Hills that degrade sweets to the sea, lakes and rivers, woods within which to walk by listening to birds’ chirping: these are some of the most fascinating elements of a country holiday.
Charminlyhas long been an important landmark for all those who wish to find the best accommodation for your holidays. Thanks to its wide choice of accommodation, Charminlyoffersyou a choice of charming hotels, agritourisms, petfriendly hotels, diffused hotels and much more.

The structures that are part of the long list of Charminly are selectedone by one from the staff of the site that travels all over Italy in search of theseplaceswhereunspoilt nature isstill the undisputed protagonist.

Here, in these sun-kissed hills, among the lush forests and rivers and lakes that transmit peace and quiet, beautiful structures arise in most cases from old farmhouses or other old rural houses transformed into super-modern facilities Equipped with every comfort.

Within these facilities, guests will have the opportunity to be accommodated in always different rooms and with care and respect for the environment, they can pamper themselves inside the spa, sunbathe on the terrace and take long swimming in the pool.

The accommodationsselected by Charminlyrepresent the most beautiful and authentic part of Italy. Each hotel, everyagritourism, every small or large structure has behind it a unique story to discover. In most cases, these charming hotels have been made by people who know the places that they have always been and constantly seek to enhance the country through quality tourism.