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Kitchen Sink and Faucet Shopping Guide

When you plan on visiting a kitchen and bath showroom so as to buy kitchen sinks and faucets, you first need to arm yourself with valuable and important information in order to avoid purchasing the wrong products. For many homeowners, the mistake of buying the wrong kitchen stuff started when they went on to shop without bringing with them the specific details of their own kitchens.

As soon as you make the decision to buy a new kitchen sink and some faucets, you must read our valuable tips first.

1 – Never make the silly mistake of not knowing the number of holes in your sink. This is especially true if you’re buying a new faucet to replace your old one. There have been quite a few instances in which a homeowner bought a very attractive and modern looking faucet, only to find out once they get home that it actually does not fit the old sink. You’re lucky if the showroom or store is considerate enough to have the recently purchased faucet replaced with another one. So as to avoid inconvenience of having to go back and ask for a replacement, you need to make sure you know your sink’s hole drillings first.
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2 – You’ll realize later on that buying a faucet that is easy to install is the smart choice. If you plan on hiring a plumber, then you can choose whatever you want. But if you believe you can install the faucet on your own, it would be better to buy one with a straightforward installation.
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3 – Meanwhile, if you’re doing a kitchen remodeling, it means you’re likely going to buy a new kitchen sink. In this regard, it really is more about kitchen size versus sink size. At this point, it is imperative that you consider the size of the kitchen and how you plan on using the new sink. Like for instance, it won’t make a lot of sense if you choose to buy a large multi-basin type of sink when you have a very small space in your kitchen.

4 – If you have a large kitchen, it would be great to have one large main sink, reinforced with a smaller bar sink. While you might see this tip as nothing but an expensive boast, it actually serves quite a useful purpose, especially if two or more people in the house love to cook at the same time.

Those tips above should come in handy when you’re buying a new sink and faucet, but if you’re doing a kitchen remodeling, you still have to do a lot more research on the other kitchen components.