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Holiday Save in Japan

First to be determined is the number of holiday days to Japan. This is important because it determines the number of cities you can go to. For those who just want to first, I recommend at least 10 days. Because in japan very many interesting places to visit. As an example in Tokyo alone, maybe you can take 3-4 days to get around, and that too not all places of interest can be visited. Tokyo is a megapolitan where downtown and suburbs are difficult to distinguish because it is so solid and integrated. The so-called city center is an area within the Yamanote Line. For more information, please visit

In general, the mainstay of transportation in Japan is the train. Want to go anywhere by train. The city bus also exists, but if it’s the first time it’s better to take the train. In addition to the train, there is another track operated by Japan Railways, this line usually comes from the suburbs through the center of Tokyo. If you want to buy Japan Rail Pass, it can be done online and can be done directly at the location when you have arrived in japan. But for those of you who do not want complicated, better buy online only at beli jr pass online. In addition to cheaper prices, you also do not need to queue.

Although Japan is famous for its relatively high cost of living, it also provides many inexpensive lodging places. Here you can choose to stay in a capsule hotel, which generally ranges from 3,300 Yen per night, or in a guesthouse with rates that are not much different than capsule hotels.

Japan offers a large selection of restaurants at low prices in every city. Generally, here you will find plenty of simple bento and ramen places for just 400 yen.

Many fun things you can do in Japan. Like exploring the historic temple, until the streets in the middle of dense Tokyo City are shining at night. Interestingly again, to be able to enjoy these tours, you do not need a lot of expenditure.