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Top Country Clubs 2017: Important Things You Need to Consider in Choosing A Private Country Club in Scottsdale Private country clubs are the best place to experience a relaxed atmosphere that encourages golfers to play quality golf. Private golf clubs are also the best place for business people to play a productive round of business golf. Top meeting planners also choose the convenience of hosting offsite meetings at golf courses and country clubs, with its full-service amenities and the fun atmosphere. However, in a private country club, you are actually paying more than just golf, so it is important to ensure that the country club is worth every penny, and the value is fitted to your needs, wants and expectations. If you’re shopping around for a private country club, you need to consider hospitality or customer service, location, your family, timing, consider referrals or recommendations, drive up appeal, parking lots, clubhouse amenities, bar and grill, pro-shop, golf-course, practice facilities, and general atmosphere. Referrals or recommendations from your trusted friends can lead you away from country clubs they know are not so great or having problems. Do some research and check the country club’s website, read online reviews, especially negative reviews, and avoid joining a club that doesn’t have a website or something is wrong regarding their online presence. You might think it’s practical to choose the country club nearest to you, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best option because in choosing the right one for you, you must consider what is convenient to your personal and business needs. Don’t forget to consider the quality of life of your spouse and kids by choosing a refreshing pool especially during summer time, and one offers day care so you can enjoy playing golf or social time with your friends. It is recommended to visit the country club in Scottsdale at least twice before making a decision. Make your first visit on a weekend when the club is on its peak usage, and second during the week or on the day you’ll be using the club the most, so you’ll have an idea how they manage their club during these days. A driveway’s curb appeal should not be your basis for decision-making, instead pass through the receptionist’s area and look at the ceiling, and if the club has ceiling tiles, a recessed ceiling, or water stains, that is a good indication of an existing problem and that the clubhouse has not undergone any renovation in a very long time. Old musty smell or heavy smoke also indicates a problem.The Essential Laws of Clubs Explained

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