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How Do You Know Which Product Reviews to Trust?

When shopping for a certain brand or type of product for the time, you may not always be sure that the product is worth the investment. For instance, since there are unlimited options in the market every day, how do you determine that you’re getting the best pellet stove or best WiFi extender? The positive news is that product reviews that have been authored by experts can offer useful insights including information that about certain brands or products that shoppers are considering buying. But how do you decide that a specific product review is reliable?

Is the Review Up to Date?

If you want to buy a newly released car or phone, you need to look at an up-to-date review. Therefore, determine that the product review you’re reading is relevant and current.

Writers With Expertise

The category of product under review should dictate the level of technical know-how that you may need the product review writer to demonstrate. For instance, anyone reviewing computers will make sense if they understand well the important product specifications, including capacity for memory, CPU speed, and graphics capabilities. On the other hand, you may not need someone to be an expert shoe-maker to describe well their favorite footwear.

Simplicity of the Terms

You’re a consumer and probably layman, so a review that predominantly features technical terms for common household items may not help much. The most reliable product reviews will certainly make reference to technical attributes that matter, but they should concentrate on the advantages or disadvantages that these features introduce. As such, a review should not just mention specifications like gigahertz, gigabytes, watts, or thrust–it should include explanations for the benefits these specs provide to users. If the product review you’re reading does not help you decide which product is superior than the other in terms of quality or function, you may disregard it.

Are the Reviewers Using the Products?

You also want a product reviewer to give advice on how best or not an item is after they’ve used it. For example, someone describing how great a phone camera is will be of great help if they’ve already taken pictures with it. Likewise, someone reviewing the best pellet stoves should have some experience with it.


The best product reviews are neutral in that they do not favor one brand over another. You will certainly find useful a review that includes both pros and cons of a product, irrespective of its manufacturer.

Prior to purchasing any item over the internet or offline, the best product reviews can help you learn a lot about it. This is a sure way to save your time and money.
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